Monday, April 29, 2013

Making Lists

We have been pretty busy this last week. In the midst of this business I have been trying to get our house cleaned up. Like, really cleaned up. This might not sound like that difficult of a task, but with a little baby around, it has proven to be quite the challenge. One day I do the laundry and it's finished, but the very next day it's back. How does that happen? Cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, living room... lots to do. So, in order to help me get stuff done around the house [and to help my hunny see that I get stuff done] I have started making lists of what I want to get accomplished each day.

I have always been a list maker. They just help me stay calm and organized. And also productive. It's so nice to be able to check things off of my list at the end of the day. Sadly, not everything always gets checked off, but I try. And in the midst of the busy time in our lives right now, the lists are helping me be more productive than anything else. So I will keep writing them and checking things off.

Anyhow. I have a few more things that need to get done today... so I will catch you all up a little bit later with what we have been up to :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thankful Tuesday [on Wednesday :]

53. letters in the mail

54. brinner [breakfast for dinner :]

55. surprise dinner from friends [so nice to not have to worry about fixing dinner!]

56. lunch out with friends and yummy food

57. walking in the sunny, cool, and breezy evening with my little man

58. cleaning and making rooms in the house look pretty again

59. freshly cleaned and toasty warm towel hugging me after a nice shower

60. holding hands with my hunny

61. 7-8 1/2 consecutive hours of sleep! [keep it up Emerson :]

62. toots and poopy diapers [after none for a week it's kind of nice...] from baby boy

63. dimples and smiles and giggles

64. planning trips with my hunny

65. kind of knowing what is in our foreseeable future

66. encouraging words from you all and your friendship, it means more than you can ever know :]

67. checking things off my to do list


That's all for today. I hope you all have a very sweet evening.

p.s. do any of you know how to make your own signature for the blog? I would love to have one, I have seen so many of you with cute ones. Just wondering :]  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emerson: 3 Months

Emerson, I had your three month update all typed and ready to go and then it just disappeared and there was no getting it back. It pretty much ruined my night. Here's to hoping I have better luck this time around! 

Anyhow, you are a growing little boy! This past month you have been able to see lost of family and friends and while visiting you are loved on, a lot! You bring so much joy into our lives and into the lives of everyone who knows you. 
You were my little bunny on Easter, it was so fun celebrating this holiday with you. 

You are a thinker. You like to have your hands under your chin or on your cheek most of the time. It really does look like you are in deep thought about something. 

Our little family on our first holiday. 

You are becoming more and more alert every day [sometimes to the point where you don't take a very long nap]. You are noticing lights, ceiling fans, and follow us with your eyes. When you help me fix dinner every night your eyes and head follow me when I move around the kitchen. You are a pretty good helper [most of the time]. 

You really like cuddling [being held]. We love to hold you, but sometimes it would be nice if you could chill out on your own. 

You also really like your paci, most of the time.

Daddy finished his big test so you have been able to cuddle with him more. 

You are spitting your tongue out a lot. Sometimes you will mimic me when I spit my tongue out, but most of the time you just get a really serious look on your face like you are trying to figure out what I am doing.  

You are smiling a lot these days! When you get your diaper changed, when you take a bath, when you finish eating, after you poop [which is not very often], when we read stories. Your smile is so happy and pure, I love it! 

You are also starting to giggle. It might be like a cough sometimes, but more and more the sound is not getting stuck in your  throat. You are especially giggly and smiley when you look at the circles on your bedding. 

You are growing! I feel like you  are so big now because you are taking more pace in your car seat. You weigh 10 lbs 14 oz. So big!

You are still nursing [though that's another post altogether] and seem to doing well since you are growing so much. 

You have started drooling a little bit and when you cry there are tiny sad little tears in your eyes. It breaks my heart to see those tears. 

You are also getting long. So long that you are starting to out grow your newborn outfits and sleepers and fit into the 0-3 month clothing. You are still in size 1 diapers.   

You love going on walks and being outside. You also do really well in the car, which is a good thing since we do a lot of traveling.

You really like to have your hands in little fists and in the air like you are going to box someone. You just wave those fists around and around...  

You also like you kick and have your feet in the air. A lot. When I put socks on you, you kick them off pretty quickly because your feet are never still unless you are sleeping. 

I can't believe how much you have grown in one month! have been working on your relationship with Pooh this month too... 

you guys are best buddies now :) [see your kickin foot?!]

I love you so much and love being able to spend my days with you!

- Your Mama

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, It's nice to see you. I hope this weekend holds lots of fun and productive happenings.

Dear House, You have become a hot mess all too quickly. Please fix yourself and be tidy once again. mmk?

Dear Baby Monitor, Why don't you work?! If I try again tomorrow and you still don't work I'm going to have to send you back.

Dear Doctor, Why would your office be open but have no doctors in it? It's incredibly inconvenient as I have been in dire need of your help!

Dear Landon, You are such a hard worker! I love you and am so thankful for everything you do.

Dear Emerson, Thank you sooooo much for being such a good sleeper last night! You went six whole hours and then another five-ish! You are more than welcome to keep that sleep pattern up! Also, you are cute :)


Dear Friends, I really cannot tell you just how much your friendship means to me. It makes my day to read your comments and know you care.

Happy Weekend to You :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Story of Us: Part 2

In case you missed the first part of our story you can catch up here

Part 2: The Hottie

I arrived in Kentucky late one night. As we drove the three hours from the airport to my sister's house she and her husband told me they were going to be moving, in three days, and asked if I would please help (as if I had a choice in the matter). We spent the next few days packing up their house and then made the drive to their temporary place of residence. They really didn't know how long they would be staying at my brother-in-law's parent's farm house.

My sister's in-laws have always been very sweet and welcoming to me. Christmas was no different. They treated me much like family, especially in the sense that they continued to ask if there were any boys in my life and then they proceeded to list of names of nice boys in town that I would like. Naturally I just smiled and nodded. I really wasn't interested in boys at the moment. In fact, I had just decided that God wanted me the be single for the time being and I was quite enjoying myself. Plus, even if I met a boy over Christmas break chances were that he would live in Kentucky, not Idaho. Long distance relationship? No thanks.

Over break my sister and brother-in-law proceeded to set me up with several of their friends, so when then mention of a new guy came into the picture I was really turned off. I didn't want to meet anyone, I lived in Idaho, and I didn't enjoy awkward situations (being set up with a complete stranger that you know is a good friend of your brother-in-law). My feelings about meeting someone were completely disregarded and there was mention of a boy named Landon. "Oh, Landon is such a nice boy," (read: socially awkward). "He's a great Christian, really involved with church..." (he has no friends) "He's cute!"(He's not hideous) on and on... blah blah blah.

Then one night my brother-in-law's cousin (who was best friends with Landon) and his Girlfriend decided to stop by the house. It just so happened that they had been out with some of their friends, Landon being one of them. How planned convenient. After Landon walked inside, the Girlfriend danced behind him pointing to him, "That's him! Isn't he cute?!" My pregnant sister joined in dancing at that point, "He's hott, Hannah!!"

And he was. I'm pretty sure I thought, "Wow, that's him?! He is a hottie..."

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

thankful tuesday

33. freshly cleaned carpets

34. supportive family and friends

35. three little red birds playing tag outside my window

36. evening strolls in the gentle breeze

37. budding trees and flowers, green is popping up

38. cuddles with puppy

39. folded laundry

40. baby toes that kick and wiggle

41. spring cleaning/organizing

42. balloons that float above my head

43. conversations with dear friends

44. kind of knowing what the future holds

45. hanging out with the hubs

46. peaceful sleeping babe

47. spring and sunshine

48. the smell of baking zucchini bread hugging our home

49. disposable diapers

50. soothing gel pads

51. the promise of God's faithfulness

52. wonderful, sweet, new blog friends [you guys are truly great!]

Monday, April 15, 2013

losing the baby weight

This morning I went to the gym and ran. True story. While I was running I remembered just how much I truly despise running. I hardly like working out, but running, it's like ten hundred times worse than just working out. I really don't know how the heck I ran the Princess 1/2. It's a good thing I got pictures of me actually running that half otherwise I don't know if even I would believe I ran a whole 13.1 miles. Whew. It's exhausting just thinking about running.

The only reason I even went to the gym was because I am trying to get my old body back. I hear that it is never quite the same as before once you have a child, and that may be true, but I am going try and do anything something to get it back. Does anyone have any advice for getting your pre-baby body back for the people like me who don't really like exercising? Cause that would be super. I have thought up a little routine I can do at home that will help me tone up a little bit and loose the rest of the baby weight, the only problem I have with the routine is actually doing it. bah! Why can't I be one of those people who LOVE working out? Why can't I just enjoy working out? I feel like once upon a time I kind of liked it because I noticed a difference in my body. My clothes became a lot looser and I wasn't quite as flabby. I liked that. Until the baby I was able to maintain that. I'm just having a difficult time getting back into the routine of working out. It seems a little trickier too because I can't just up and go to the gym as easily as I once could. oh dear.

Maybe if I say on here that I am going to do so many hours of exercise a week it will actually happen. Because if I don't do it I might feel guilty because I said I would to someone other than myself. I don't think I'm that brave though.

... but, this week I am going to try and get into doing something to help me get my old body back. Maybe I won't eat as many cookies... :)

Any advice would be super welcome :) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

It's Friday and I am linking up with Ashley for some letter writing :)

Dear Internet, you are being soooo s-l-o-w and you are really starting to try my patience. Why won't you just speed up a little bit for me? mmk?

Dear Hubs, I am so proud of you. You have been working so hard these past few weeks and studying into all hours of the night for your big test. I know you would much rather be doing anything but that. I know you are going to blow this test out of the water! I am thinking of you and praying for you as you take your test right now. You are such a hard worker and I love you so much. Sorry if I have done a lousy job of showing that. I am excited about what our future holds! We have some big decisions to make...

Dear Emerson, It would make me so very happy if you decided to sleep through the night. I have no objections at all, so whenever you decide you want to sleep all night long, I'm more than happy to let you :) How about you start tonight? Also, I love watching you grow and change each and every day. You are getting so big!

Dear In-Laws, you are wonderful. Truly, you are. Thanks for letting my and baby boy stay the night and hang out while Hubs is off taking his test.

Dear Week, you did not go as planned. oh well... maybe next week will be better.

Dear Weather, I have been enjoying you a lot lately. Stay nice please so we can keep going on evening strolls.

Dear Boady, Would you please stop barking the moment Emerson falls asleep and waking him up? That would be swell.

Dear Weekend, I am so happy you are here and that you will be giving my husband back to me.

Dear Lord, thank you for your faithfulness.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

School Days

I don't know where the past two days have gone. I feel like they were here and then they were gone. In a snap. How does that happen some days and then some days it seems like they are the l-o-n-g-e-s-t days ever?

Anyhow. Yesterday I went to school for the first time in two-ish months. It was a little weird being back. I felt like a guest, not a teacher. But I had been missing some of my kids and wanted them to see Emerson, I also wanted to visit with my principal, and needed to take some paperwork in. So, really the trip needed to happen. It was good to see my kids again. My first period kids were especially curious and excited about my pregnancy and baby so I thought it would be fun if they could meet [see] Emerson in person. Apparently they were pretty excited when the teacher told them I was coming and got in a little bit of trouble for being more rowdy than usual. Woops :) After seeing them I felt like I had closure. I never planned on going back to finish this semester, but my plans to say good-bye and I love them and be good and all those other sorts of things never happened because, well, Gooseberry Emerson had some plans of his own.

When I saw my kids again and they begged me to come back [aw! they love me! :] I felt as though I really did make the right choice in staying home for the rest of the semester. I have some of the best kids around. They drew a welcome sign on the board for Emerson [I meant to take a picture of it but forgot], it said, "Welcome Junior!" with a bunch of smiley faces and exclamation marks. For those of you who don't know, Junior is what they [one kid in particular] lovingly called Emerson while he was in my belly.

I love those kids more than I think they will ever know. More than I thought was possible. They are all wonderful and bring something fun, different, unique, and special into the classroom. I truly loved reading and discussing "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Night" with them. I loved reading and writing poetry with them, trying to get them to enjoy it even just a little bit. We were able to have fun while we learned because I had established boundaries in my room from day one. Boundaries that allowed them to be them silly selves and to work when it was time to work. Those kids that I saw bright and early in the morning, they made me love teaching. They made me love being in the classroom. And I will miss them. I can't wait to see what the future holds for them, what they will grow up to be. I expect great things of them. My beautiful, wonderful kids.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Registering for Baby: Newborn Must haves

I have been wanting to write a post about things I have found helpful to me as a new mama so naturally I was excited when I saw that Kaitlyn was starting a little link up series having to do with all things baby. What perfect timing!

Grab button for PFALO 
link up here


It can be such an exciting time. I know I was really excited when it was finally time for us to register for our Gooseberry. It made things more real. More believable that my belly wasn't just getting bigger and nothing would ever come [out] of it. Registering helped me prepare for our Gooseberry. However registering may also seem like a daunting task, especially once you walk through the doors of the big baby store or even walk through the baby section of any store. There are so many things! How could one tiny little baby need so much stuff?! Does one tiny little baby need all that stuff? What does one tiny little baby really need? What do you need as a new mama? 

These are the things that I could not live without as a new mama and that I suggest to all of my pregger friends [another sweet friend just spilled the beans! they are having their peanut in November!] apart from the standard: diapers, wipes, soap, lotion... Anyhow, I ramble...

the itzbeen timer.

I use this little guy every day and night, all day and all night. It is wonderful for helping me keep track of when Emerson ate, how long he has been sleeping, what side I fed him on, how long I have until he should eat again. It was also especially wonderful for helping me keep track of when I could take my pain meds after getting home from the hospital. I had a few different drugs to take and for some reason couldn't tell time for about two weeks after Emerson was born [true story. Landon gives me a hard time about it, also I'm not sure he has ever laughed so hard at me/been extremely concerned for my mental health before. The itzbeen was perfect for keeping track of all of those good things! I highly recommend it. There might be apps like this if you have a fancy smart phone or something, but that is not a luxury I have...

This blanket is a-mazing. For real. Get one now. You can thank me later :) It is so nice because it traps the sweet little baby's arms so they can't wave them around, hit themselves in their face, and wake themselves up from said hitting. We were fine using the regular receiving blankets at night but then Emerson discovered his arms... and try as I might [tuck his hand under his butt, in his britches under his butt, make the swaddle supper tight like the nurses did] nothing worked because Emerson figured out he had arms and hands. Even with this gem I would sometimes wake up to find his little hand[s] under his chin [my little Houdini] But this helped him sleep when he would have otherwise hit himself and woken up. 

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper  
Emerson had been sleeping in a Moses Basket [and still does for naps occasionally] but he never slept really great. Landon's mom brought us this little sleeper and Emerson has been sleeping better than before. It's nice too because in the middle of the night I can just reach my hand out from under the covers and rock it gently to try and get Emerson to go back to sleep. I would say it is worth it for sure. It also travels well, always a plus. 

Carter's Wrap-Me-Up 4-pk. Safari Receiving Blankets
I still swaddle Emerson with blankets, these guys have been my favorite. Maybe when he gets bigger I'll start using some of the bigger blankets I have, but for now, these are perfect. Plus they are stinkin' adorable!

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin - 40g
Your lady friends [boobies] will thank you for using this while you nurse. Trust me, just get some [if you are nursing] and start using it from day one.  Make sure to use nursing pads too, you don't want to have to change your shirt or bra or anything like that.

Graco Alano Classic Connect ™ Travel System - Scribbles  
We could not survive without this. Literally. It's illegal to drive without a securely installed car seat. But seriously, it's wonderful to have a travel system. It makes going any where so much easier. The car seat locks in place in the stroller. It's perfect for traveling. Thus the name I am sure :)   

Anyhow. Those are a few items that I depend on on a daily basis. I'm sure other things will become equally important as we go through the rest of the year, but for the first two months these are my must haves. Good luck and have fun registering! If you have any questions I would be more than happy to give my two cents :) 

Happy weekend! 

- Hannah

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Story of Us: Part 1

I have been thinking about [and wanting to] writing the story of how my hubs and I met. I finally decided to just go ahead and write it, so I am. I am planning on working on this story little by little over the next few weeks and sharing on Thursdays. So get excited... here is our story :) 

part 1: it started with a phone call

It all started about two weeks before Thanksgiving of my Junior year of college. I was going to school in Idaho and was far away from family. I had a full class load and worked several jobs. I stayed pretty busy between my classes and jobs, but of course I enjoyed hanging out with friends when I had some spare time. 

One afternoon I was studying in my room and the phone rang, of course I answered it and soon found myself talking to the wife of a pastor at a nearby church. She introduced herself, told me she heard I was a missionary's kid, and asked if this was true. Indeed it was true. Then she asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving, it would be terrible if I had to spend the holiday alone with no family or friends. For Thanksgiving I was going to spend the day at a friends house, his father had pastored a neighboring church when we were little, so we went back pretty far (ooo... you might be thinking, how romantic, they were childhood friends... and while that would be romantic I'll go ahead and tell you, Hubs is not this friend). His family was sweet, loving, and welcoming, and I was going to enjoy spending Thanksgiving with them. 

After the Pastor's Wife heard this she moved on to her next question, what was I going to do for Christmas? My response, stay on campus and work, a lot. She was appalled at my response and sweetly said, "But, you're not going to spend it with family?" No, I was not. I was a poor (as in I maybe had $40 to my name at that moment) college student and buying a plane ticket to go visit family for Christmas was out of the question. The Pastor's Wife asked if I would like to spend Christmas with my family and then told me to look around for ticket prices. If I were to visit family, how much would it cost? She wanted me to email her the cost of the tickets within a week or two because she thought it was a terrible thing that I would spend Christmas by myself. I looked at ticket prices over the next few days and found a good deal, trying to not get too excited about the possibility of seeing family over Christmas break. 

Before I was able to email her ticket prices, she called me up a few days later and asked if I would be able to meet her and her husband. They were coming to campus and she had something for me. Well, of course I wasn't going to not see her ... especially since she had something for me (I mean really, who has ever refused going to get a gift from someone?). I met her and her husband the following Saturday in the Church parking lot. She handed me an envelope and said, "Our church got together with a few others and we wanted to bring you this. You go spend Christmas with your family. It's not good for you to be alone during the holidays." Then she held out her hand again and said, "I know food is over priced at the airport, make sure to eat something on your trip. Get a book to read or a magazine too, I know I always like to have something to read when I travel." I thanked her profusely, we hugged, and parted ways. 

As I walked back to my dorm room I looked down in my hand at her second gift to me, $30 for food and something fun to read. I smiled and continued walking. The wind was nipping at my nose and my mittened hands tightly held the envelope I had just been given. I opened it and pulled out a check. Stopping momentarily to make sure I was seeing things right I looked at the amount the check was made out for. The check was exactly enough to cover the cost of the flight plus $10 extra dollars. It seemed as though God had made a way for me to visit my sister over Christmas break. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dairy Update

I have been dairy free for one week now and the longer I go without eating dairy the more I think Emerson does have an allergy to cow's milk. I think this especially because on Sunday while trying to avoid all foods with dairy product in them I accidentally ate some corn that had butter cooked in it. I could tell because after I ate the corn the next time I fed Emerson he screamed and cried just like he use to. Not fun. So Now I am officially avoiding all foods with dairy. It is not an enjoyable experience to try to feed a crying baby you know is hungry but won't eat.

The sad part about this is that I have a sweet tooth. I love me some sweets. Most things that are yummy and sweet, have milk [or butter or whipping cream...] in them. Like I said last week, about 90% of my diet is dairy. Sad but true. Because I can't go without eating a sweet after a meal I have been on a search for dairy free yummies. I found this recipe on Pinterest  for little bites of goodness and had to give it a try.

It's just 1 cup oats, 1 cup coconut, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 chocolate chips [I used dairy free and thought about replacing them with raisins or craisins or something], 1/3 cup honey, and 1 tsp vanilla. The original recipe called for ground flax seed, but I didn't' have any so I just omitted it and they were still really good. They turned out to be pretty tasty. I think I will be making these little guys quite a lot this next year.

Anyhow. I just thought I'd share these little wonders. I like to think they are healthy too, which is a nice perk!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays

19. cuddling in the sunshine with my baby

20. fresh bright red tulips

21. family

22. fresh and clean baby smell

23. leftovers for dinner

24. strolling in the sunshine

25. a tickling breeze

26. peace in a time of change and uncertainty

27. balloons dancing in the air

28. bright blue eyes full of wonder

29. red and pink buds decorating tree branches

30. letters in the mail

31. rocking a crying infant

32. planning trips to the beach 

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Happy Easter

This weekend was a busy but very good and in a way, restful one. Saturday morning I had a friends baby shower [more on that later :] and soon after the shower was over we headed to Landon's parent's to have Easter with his family.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, it is just such a joyful day and usually the weather is beautiful, it's the perfect way to welcome Spring [sadly Spring didn't show up... and still hasn't ... tomorrow?]. What I especially love about Easter is that it is a day that truly celebrates Christ, the Risen Lord. It is a day that makes me really stop and think about the sacrifice Christ made for us. 

We enjoyed celebrating and spending the day with Landon's family: parents, sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and cousins. but for some reason I only got pictures of Emerson... I need to work on my picture taking :) 

He was very excited for Easter morning and about his Easter Basket.

but he wasn't too sure about his new bunny hat...
 He was tuckered out after church.

 my cute little Easter bunny :)

 our little family... we need more pictures together.

 Taking a break from all of the attention and chillin' with daddy.

 I love my little bunny! :] 

I hope you all had a Hoppy Easter [get it? hoppy? ....] :D