Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

There is not much to say on this Good Friday other than I am so thankful for a loving, living Savior who sacrificed his life for mine. For yours. 

I can't imagine what it would be like to allow [let alone plan for] your one and only son to die for the sins of others. To die for humanity, ungrateful, sinful, humankind. Yet, that is exactly what God did for us. I feel especially amazed and grateful this year because I have a son. I have a child and I would do anything so that my child wouldn't have to die. 

Reading the story of Abraham and how God asked him to sacrifice his son, he said, sure. He had faith. He trusted God. I know my faith is not that deep. I would have a hard time serving a God who asked me to to give up my only son.

Yet, God gave up his only son for us. His love for us is so great, so deep, that he sacrificed his son. I feel like a simple thank you is inadequate. 

Easter is one of my favorite days because it celebrates Christ rising from the dead. It celebrates a Living God. A loving God. A God who wants us to be his children. 

What an amazing God we serve. 

Have a blessed Easter weekend. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

allergic to dairy?

I think Emerson is allergic to milk. I'm not 100% sure if he is or not, we're still testing it out, but so far it is kind of seeming like he has a milk allergy. Why do I think he is allergic to milk you ask. Well, I will tell you...

On Saturday afternoon the hubs and I went to dinner at the Cheesecake factory [yum!!]. It was hubs' birthday weekend and his parents gave us a gift card and then took Emerson for a stroll around the mall while we ate. Super sweet. First date we have had [just the two of us] since Emerson's birth.  Anyhow... we got some cheesecake [how can you not when you are eating at the Cheesecake Factory?] and it was delicious.

How does this affect Emerson you ask? Well, when I was nursing Emerson after we ate our yummy lunch/dinner he cried and screamed. A lot. We had gotten pretty good at nursing, occasionally he would cry for what I thought was no reason and "fight it": scream, flail his arms, scratch my chest, cry, and not really be consoled. I knew he was hungry, he just wasn't eating like he should. But this time was especially terrible. He ate a little bit, probably just enough to satisfy his little belly, and that was it. The next few times he nursed were equally bad. I found myself praying that he would not scream and cry and just eat. I knew he had to be hungry. Poor little guy. It was really painful for both of us. 
Fresh dairy products on an old kitchen board.     Do you think that the fat in Dairy products are bad for you? You’ve been told that dairy fat from butter and cream CLOGS your arteries… WRONG! Dairy Fat Found to PREVENT Artery Clogging (study results) ...
[oh, dairy foods, how I love you.... I miss you so...]
After that night I started keeping track of what I ate and how he ate. It seemed like if I ate something with dairy in it he hard a harder time when nursing. I did a lot of reading and tried to figure out why he would sometimes scream an cry while eating and sometimes not. One thing I read talked about milk allergies in babies. He had a few of the "symptoms" so I decided to cut dairy out of my diet to see if it would help/make a difference. So far it seems to be helping. A lot.
The trial period [the amount of time it takes to completely clear my system of dairy] is about three weeks. So for the next three weeks I'm giving up dairy and any food with dairy in it to see if it helps. It would be nice if it did because I would like to know and be able to fix the nursing problem if possible. The down side? Pretty much everything I eat has dairy in it, whether it's yogurt, cheese, bread, cookies, crackers... you would really be surprised how many food products contain dairy. I'm having to get creative with what I eat [read: I have to eat healthy foods].

We'll see what the outcome of the trial run is in three weeks!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

emerson's newborn pictures

It is crazy to believe it has been two months since Emerson entered our lives. He came when he was ready, he came quickly. He even scared us a little bit. But praise the Lord for his birth and for a healthy baby boy. I will always cherish the days we spent at the hospital. I will always remember hearing the first little squeak Emerson cried, seeing him waving his arms around, bundled up and resting on my chest. Oh those precious moments. They have been stored in my heart and will forever be. 

While we were at the hospital a photographer came in to visit us and to take some pictures of Emerson. I wasn't surprised at all, I mean what a better time to take pictures and make some money off of brand new parents? I thought, "sure, I'll let you take the pictures but I'm not going to give in..." 

I gave in. After he took the pictures and did some editing he came in the room and showed me the pictures from the shoot. They played in a slideshow, to music. I was in tears by the end. And of course bought the pictures. 

So here they are, Emerson's newborn pictures.

 Emerson, you have brought so much joy into our lives. We love you so much! You are growing up so fast. I feel like you are such a big boy right now compared to when you were born. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays

In trying to seek Christ first and renew my relationship with him I have been reading "One Thousand Gifts" and I am finding that unless I write down what I am thankful for, the gifts or blessings that Christ surrounds me with, reading the book will be fruitless. So I am making a goal for myself and sharing it with you all because accountability always helps me keep on track to share the gifts God has given me each Tuesday. I started my 1000 gift list a year or two ago when I first learned of this book but have lost count and I think I need a fresh start. So here's to counting 1000 gifts...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. a bright red cardinal perched on a snowed laced branch outside my window

2. baby dimples

3. tiny buds on the flowers and trees outside

4. soft white flakes falling gracefully from the sky

5. the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg filling the house

6. cream cheese frosting :)

7. cuddles with my precious baby

8. new followers of my blog

9. a helpful husband

10. five and a half to six hours of baby sleeping at night

11. finding out a dear friend is having a baby

12. baking for the first time in months

13. naps in the sunshine

14. Palm Sunday

15. family visiting

16. a date with the hubs

17. a tidy house

18. a gracious God

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

I hit a bump

Do you ever have those times in your life when you are lacking on motivation? I feel like that's me, for a long time now. Especially motivation when it comes to really seeking after the Lord. I used to spend time every day reading the Word and in prayer. I still pray, it's just sprinkled throughout the day and not as quality as I feel it once was. I don't know what happened. I've hit a bump and I can't seem to get over it. I want to strengthen my walk, I want to grow closer to Christ. But for some reason I just feel like it's harder to spend time with Christ now more than ever.

I feel like it started soon after I started teaching. My first year was crazy and busy and horrible. And while I did have a quiet time it just wasn't what it had been... maybe that's part of why my first year as a teacher was terrible?  That's when I first hit the bump and I can't seem to get over it. I kind of just go through the motions now. I know what to say and what to do, I just don't do it. Not like I use to. Not like I know I should or need to [or want to for that matter]. I want to be in the center of Christ's embrace. I want to desire him more than anything else.

How do I get that? How do you get over that bump? How do you bring the "spark" back into your walk with Christ?

Friday, March 22, 2013

birthday fun

Today is Landon's birthday and in honor of his special day I fixed a real dinner and made a carrot cake. It may have taken three hours longer than it would have before Emerson was born, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I was so excited when the hubs said he wanted a carrot cake for his birthday because I haven't made one in a long time and really haven't baked much at all since well, since before Christmas really. So it was a nice little afternoon full of baking. Oh how I love baking. The cake turned out beautifully and it was super tasty. I will try my best to remember to share a picture and the recipe sometime next week. If I forget and you are itching to know the recipe feel free to remind me. I'm extra forgetful these days....

Emerson was such a great little helper too. He kept me company while I worked on the cake. He really couldn't have been any better. He tried following me around the kitchen with his eyes and when I would stop and talk to him he would just smile at me. He has the sweetest little smile. It is fun thinking about when he will be big enough to actually help with the baking. Then his daddy came home from work and they cuddled while I worked on dinner. Chicken Parmesan. Fancy. At least, I felt fancy fixing it.

We may not have gone out and done much or had a big celebration, but it has been a lovely day. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the house cleaned up and enjoy a nice weekend day with my little family.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emerson: 2 months


It is crazy to think that it has been two months since you were born. Have you really been in our lives for that long? It seems like I was just pregnant with you. I loved carrying you around in my belly. I loved feeling you kick and squirm. I loved knowing you were perfectly content, happy, warm, cozy, not hungry or wanting for anything. But even more than I loved feeling you in my belly and watching you move from one side to the other, I love seeing you. You bring so much love and joy into our lives and home. You have grown and changed so much from the day you were born, so much from last month.

- today at the doctor you weighed 9 lbs 8 oz and you are 23 1/2 in long! You are a growing boy!

 [you were not too happy about getting your picture taken... 
my timing was probably horrible though, you had just gotten shots at the doctor :( ]

- speaking of growing... you officially out grew your preemie clothes and now fit into most newborn sizes quite nicely. You are getting so big!

 - your neck has gotten so much stronger. You like to hold it up and look around at the world around you. But you can't keep it up for too long so after a few seconds you have a little bobble head... you are determined to get that head up though!
- you are also moving on to size 1 diapers! No more newborn diapers. ...they still fit, but you are growing so much I'm not sure we could use up a whole box before you are too big for them so into size 1 you will go.

- you really seem to enjoy bath time [I hope I'm not jinksing anything by saying that]. You just look at me with your big blue eyes while I give you your bath. It has gotten easier and easier to bathe you too as you are becoming more and more sturdy. I'm sure it will only continue to get better.

- you have only had two [maybe three] blow-out diapers ... funny it only happens when you are wearing your cute little white pajamas. Good thing I have a great stain remover and hands for scrubbing :)

 - you are very expressive! You make the cutest faces. You also make a lot of little noises... little grunts. They are so adorable. Your doctor says you're just trying to talk to us. I think she's right :)

- you have started staying awake for longer amounts of time. Sometimes you stay awake for so long that you get angry and refuse to sleep. In the end, sleep always wins my boy. Stop fighting it, just give in.

- you are so happy in the morning! Every morning we read a Bible story together and you smile the whole time. It makes my heart melt. Smiling is becoming more frequent. You are such a happy little baby.

- the only times you really cry or fuss is when you are hungry [and boy are you hungry!!] and in the evenings. Sadly that is when your daddy comes home and so most of what he sees right now is a fussy little you that will only be calm for your mama.  You really are such a happy baby!

- sometimes you hug my hand. I'm sure it's not on purpose, but I like to think it is. When you want your paci but keep spitting it out I'll pop it back in your mouth and that's when you hug my hand, like you want me to keep it there. And I do. I love your little hugs!

- sometimes you get really angry and your little arms flail in the air, sometimes you get me, but that's ok I know you don't mean to. I feel so sad for you when you are angry like this. I do everything I know and can do to help you. But you don't always calm down right away.

- you also like to sleep with your arms folded on your chest.


- you have gotten much better at nursing [so have I]. We have a little bit of a routine down and it helps the days pass quickly and it helps the nights to be a little more bearable. You eat every three hours from start to start during the day... sometimes a little longer, sometimes its a little bit sooner, but about that. But I try to keep it as close to three hours as possible so you will sleep better [longer] at night.

- bottles and you don't seem to get along. During the spell when we had to supplement with formula it was a disaster and incredibly messy feeding you. About half went into your tummy [maybe half] and the rest on to the burp cloth, your clothes, and my clothes. You don't seem to be a big fan of taking a bottle. oh well...

- you really like to be held on my chest, I like it too, you are a warm little cuddle buddy :)

- sometimes when you are eating you raise your little fist in the air, kinda like superman. It's so cute.

- I feel like you are getting so big and growing so fast, Emerson! I know it is a good thing that you are growing [we want you to be healthy and continue to grow like you are suppose to] but it is a little sad at the same time that you are getting so big [if I think you at 9 pounds is big and makes me a hott mess who  knows what I will be like when you are going off to college... ]. You are one loved little boy. You are prayed over and for every single day. You are a joy to everyone who knows you. I am so glad you are in our lives. Thanks for being the best little baby anyone could ever ask for :)

I love you,
Your Mama 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Basket Treats

I have always loved Easter because it is the welcoming of Spring and all things new. It is a day to celebrate my risen Lord and truly be thankful for the sacrifice he made for us. With Easter comes the blossoming of flowers, birds chirping, sunshine, and trees budding and turning green. All of these and so many more reasons truly makes it a day to celebrate. 

This year Easter is extra special though because it is the first Easter Emerson will celebrate. I have gotten a few goodies for Landon in the past for an Easter Basket, but as he is so cheap and doesn't like money to be spent on him it's nearly impossible to do. Thankfully he understands the importance of starting things right with Emerson ... a full fledged, real live, Easter Basket. I had so much fun picking out the goodies for Emerson's basket and his basket. You would think with him only being two months old by the time Easter comes around it wouldn't matter so much what his basket looks like or the treats inside of it. But, as I am such an incedible indecisive person it took me about two hours [no joke] to pick the basket and what would go in it. Pathetic, I know. just has to be perfect! What if Emerson doesn't like it? 

...yeah. so. anyhow. I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life and Sarah at Our Journey for the Easter basket blog hop and Easter basket showcase and sharing the goodies waiting for Emerson on Easter morning! 

no Easter basket is complete without a bunny. 
[is it horrible to admit that someone gave us the bunny?]

 I am especially excited about the giraffe and the bunny hat.

so excited about the bunny hat in fact, I am going to wash it 
before Easter so he can sport it all day long that Sunday. 
[pretty much all of the treats in here are from Target or they were given to Emerson by some really sweet people.... he's a baby! How will he ever know? The little outfit is cute, but it's a 3 month old size and there is no way Emerson will be big enough to wear that any time soon. I was thinking he could grow into it (and he will) but after looking through his clothes today, he needs some more things that will fit him now, so I might have to go get a newborn size instead. :]
now go link up for some hopping fun!